A DeviantArt Scifi Short Story

Who’s there? by Ellysiumn on DeviantArt
Who’s there? by Ellysiumn on DeviantArt
Who’s there? by Ellysiumn

Robbie was a curious boy, full of wonder. His family was visiting the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt, and set up camp nearby for the month. His tent was cozy, full of bright, warm colors. Mom hung tiny candles on the tent support beams like fireflies dancing in the night. She had always told him to follow the light in the world and encouraged his curious mind.

That evening, while exploring near the campsite, Robbie heard a buzzing sound from a nearby rock crevice. He peeked in and saw a faint blue shimmer of light. Reaching in, his small hands grasped a smooth, cylindrical object. He pulled out a corked glass vial. Within it, a lightning storm of blue light and clouds swirled. It was warm to the touch and vibrated slightly.

“Fascinating!” his eyes widened, reflecting the swirl of lights. He looked around to see if anyone had noticed. His family was busy tending to the horses.

He shook the vial, but the contents didn’t move. Holding it up to his ear, he heard a faint voices whisper in unison, “Take us higher!”

Robbie bounced and giggled with glee at his discovery. Searching his surroundings, he found a nearby rock formation and climbed it quickly. Reaching the top, he held out the vial in front of him and pulled the cork out of the bottle.

The setting sun faded to black, along with the evening sky. The stars burned bright and blanketed the sky from horizon to horizon. The moon appeared to move closer to the earth and grew a bright orange color.

An enormous swirl of electricity, gaseous clouds, and blue light exploded from the vial and swirled in front of him. He gawked in wonder at the bright, swirling colors. From the center of the swirl, a blinding beam of light pierced the night sky towards the moon. Once the beam reached the moon, it refracted into 3 blinding beams of light that returned to earth and touched the points of the pyramids.

The eyes of the Sphinx glowed with a bright blue flame as it rose from the desert floor. It turned its head from side to side and came bounding towards Robbie, stopping just before reaching him. With the sound of a thousand men’s voices, it bowed its head and kneeled, saying, “We are Legion, and we are your humble servants. What is thy bidding?”

“I want a ride!” the boy belted as he jumped up and down. He looked down at the bottle in one hand and the cork in the other. I need to keep this safe, he thought to himself. As he placed the cork back in the bottle, the Sphinx turned back into stone and froze in its kneeling position. The beam of light and swirling electric storm disappeared. The moon and stars faded away as the sun returned, and the sky turned to an orange hue.

“This must be the Bottle of the Gods, my mom told stories of!”

I hope you enjoyed this story! This is the first in a series of stories I plan to write about the amazing artwork that I find on DeviantArt. This artwork was done by Ellysiumn, so check out their other work! If you want to read more, clap, or respond to this story!

Lover and amateur writer of Science Fiction. Occasional writer of inspirational and non-fiction articles. Wishes he could stop speaking in 3rd person.

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