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This COVID-19 quarantine has affected humans unlike anything else we have seen in our lifetime. Staying home for weeks and months is difficult for most of us, but with the added global pandemic anxiety is off the charts. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with dread when thinking about everything that is happening or could happen. Before this, I thought politics were the most polarizing topic imaginable, but this has brought our societal differences to an extra level of anxiety, hate, and anger.

I try to be mindful of those I connect with. Everyone seems to be in a unique place on the spectrum of “anxious to arrogant,” regarding lockdown requirements. Some are angry at the requirements, while others are angry at those that are angry about the requirements. It is a new world and we need to come out of this situation better humans that respect one another more than we did before. We need to learn to show grace when others are in a different place on the spectrum than we are.

One way I am improving myself is to analyze what I took for granted before all of this started. This seems like a simple exercise when there are a lot of things I can’t do, but it still takes some intentional thought. Here are a few I came up with:

Hugging Friends and Family

I’m a hugger. I like to give close friends and family members a big hug to let them know I care. While I can still hug the family members I live with, I miss being able to hug my mom, dad, brother, close friends, and so much more! Now that I can hug some of them, the hugs are longer and we squeeze tighter.

Dining at a Restaurant

I’m a foodie. I love nothing more than to sit at a nice restaurant (even a dive!) and be served while I gorge myself with delicious food. Need more chips and salsa? YES PLEASE! Now that I am able to eat at most restaurants again, I try to #TipAboveAndBeyond what I normally would.

Self Care

I like my hair short. Getting a haircut during quarantine was pretty much out of the question unless you lived with someone that could cut it or you could do it yourself with a buzzer (I’m sure that looked great). For those that get mani/pedis or spend hours in a salon, I’m sure this has been tough!

Attending Special Events

I always hated going to weddings and graduations. I grew up in very conservative circles, so our graduations and weddings were extremely boring and mundane. On top of that, I had to dress up and be uncomfortable for hours on end. Even though they are happy events, I took them for granted because I was uncomfortable.

Alone Time With My Wife

I love my wife. She is my best friend and I love spending time with her. We have 3 children and their ages range from 10–17. When quarantine started, we had them all at home 24/7 just like every other family. This presented a big challenge to intimacy in our marriage. Because they are older they tend to stay up later, so that leaves very little time for my tired wife and me to have alone time. We ended up telling the kids good night at 9 PM every night and locking our door so we could relax, Netflix and chill, or whatever we needed time to do together.

What Did You Take For Granted?

I could keep going, but this should get your mind going about things you took for granted. Please share your list in the comments and lets work together to make our new world a better place, full of love and grace.

Lover and amateur writer of Science Fiction. Occasional writer of inspirational and non-fiction articles. Wishes he could stop speaking in 3rd person.

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