Stop putting your hope in the President

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This election season, both sides of the aisle are telling us that choosing the other side means the end of America as we know it. In order to restore or preserve *insert important topic here*, we must choose their candidate. And if you vote for the other person, then puppies will die and you hate your children.

It is the same drivel every election season and frankly, I’m sick of it. I tuned out politics, mostly after we elected Trump. It turned into an all out war between the media, Trump, and his administration. Fake news was rampant, and it…

Emotion was not part of the mission

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Every humanoid on Starship 5.62–10 was assigned multiple self-care directives. All aspects of health and wellness were top priority so that maximum performance would be achieved. Any variation of nutrition or mental wellness could negatively affect the primary mission. Neural implants helped maintain the necessary focus.

Humanity experienced some of its greatest tragedies, and the population of Earth had fallen to a mere 1.5 billion. Initiative 666, dubbed the stabilization chip, was mandatory for all humans. The results were nothing short of phenomenal, achieving a utopia through the control of human emotions. …

Our brokenness shows

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It is no secret that the evangelical Christian faith has produced some leaders that have failed pretty spectacularly. Most recently is Jerry Falwell Jr, who recently resigned from Liberty University over allegations of sexual misconduct. Whether it is all true or not, we may never know. Either way, it is a pretty spectacular failure.

Pride Cometh Before a Fall

Pride seems to be a common theme among leaders that fail in a very public way (Proverbs 16:18). Occasionally, a leader will get caught in a scandal, own up to it, and apologize. Pride often leads to greed as well. Usually, they make excuses, justify their…

B. Shannon

Lover and amateur writer of Science Fiction. Occasional writer of inspirational and non-fiction articles. Wishes he could stop speaking in 3rd person.

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