Stop putting your hope in the President

This election season, both sides of the aisle are telling us that choosing the other side means the end of America as we know it. In order to restore or preserve *insert important topic here*, we must choose their candidate. And if you vote for the other person, then puppies…

Emotion was not part of the mission

EEvery humanoid on Starship 5.62–10 was assigned multiple self-care directives. All aspects of health and wellness were top priority so that maximum performance would be achieved. Any variation of nutrition or mental wellness could negatively affect the primary mission. Neural implants helped maintain the necessary focus.

Humanity experienced some of…

This time, it would be his

Rob entered the room and glared through his mask at the small safe on the back wall. He approached the safe, glanced at the combo scrawled on his forearm.

13 9 26 2

The safe clicked open. As he pulled the heavy door back, the contents illuminated his gawking face.

It means new

“Mommy, why is our home called Novus 73–08–15?” Ryleigh inquired, glancing up.

“Novus means new, and the numbers represent the earth sector we left from, our ship number, and the number of thousand person units aboard,” Stacey replied, smiling down at her.

“I want some ice cream, Mommy,” Ry insisted.

B. Shannon

Lover and amateur writer of Science Fiction. Occasional writer of inspirational and non-fiction articles. Wishes he could stop speaking in 3rd person.

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