10 Reasons I Don’t Want To Wear A Mask

Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash

Masks suck and I hate wearing them. I have only worn them when I’m forced to, for the most part. Here are 10 reasons why I hate them:

  1. They obscure my vision

I don’t think anyone alive enjoys wearing a mask. As of this writing, there are over 582,000 people that can’t wear a mask because they are dead. Over 13.5 million people probably wish they would’ve worn a mask and that you would’ve too. Wearing them is an unpleasant experience for us all, but studies show that countries that mandated masks early saw the least deaths.

There are a few groups that most people fall into with wearing masks:

  1. Everyone should wear a mask

There are valid reasons to be in each of those groups. Leadership, especially in the US, has done a poor job of providing a clear, cohesive message about wearing masks. In addition, there are lots of issues with how we are counting positive cases.

As with everything else in these modern times, everything becomes political. People and the media usually take one extreme side or the other. Social media gives us a platform to share our every thought and opinion, which usually turns into a dumpster fire with people saying things like…

If you don’t vote for my candidate, then you want people to die!

or better yet…

If you don’t vote for my candidate, then you’re a Nazi!

Why are Nazis always our go-to insult? It shows a lack of historical knowledge and an inability to think logically. The Nazis did horrible atrocities that nightmares are made of. The evilest people in the world today barely scratch the surface of what they did. Anyway, I digress.

What we should do is give of ourselves to others. What do I mean by that? We are naturally selfish. I look out for numero uno and my family and forget everyone else, right? I don’t want to wear a mask! How dare the government tell me what to do! You can’t make me wear a mask! This isn’t real! I get it, but these are selfish reasons. We should think of others and decide with those around us in mind.

If I don’t wear a mask, then how might that affect the people I encounter today? Anxiety was already rampant in our world before the pandemic, but now it is out of control. If you wear a mask, it could help someone be less anxious and able to deal with their day easier. Depression and suicide are real, and the numbers are growing. Wearing a mask could give someone that is suffering a little hope.

What if this is a hoax and I wear a mask? What’s the worst that could happen? Sure, you could cite the 10 reasons I listed above and more, but will it hurt you? No! Sure, there are some legit medical reasons not to wear a mask, but if you are in that category then you probably shouldn’t be in public, anyway.

The government is trying to control us! Wearing a mask is just the first step! The government will always try to control us. Men (and women) with power will always seek more power. This isn’t a case of the government trying to take over. They are attempting to stop a pandemic from spreading and getting worse.

In conclusion, just wear a mask so we can get through this. The more we act in solidarity with one another, the better our society will be. If you wear a mask, thank you. If you don’t wear a mask, then please consider it. I don’t hate you if you don’t, but what’s the harm in meeting in the middle? Life is a balance, and that requires compromise. Can you compromise or do you only care about numero uno?

Lover and amateur writer of Science Fiction. Occasional writer of inspirational and non-fiction articles. Wishes he could stop speaking in 3rd person.

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